Almost Launch Day!

Hello everyone! 

I've already set the date for Launch Day and I'm also preparing so we have a bit of everything for any orders we will get. It's been a few months since I've set out on this journey to create my dream of owning my own cosmetics company. I've learned a lot and I've tried a lot of different recipes for Lip Gloss and Lip Scrubs but I'm happy to finally launch and start selling. This has definitely been an overwhelming experience and I am so thankful for all the people who have stayed by my side and supported me through this whole process. To the ones who have tested my products and have given me honest feedback THANK YOU! Without you testing the products and telling me what you do and don't like you've given me the experience of an actual business owner and you've given me feedback on how to make my products better. Of course, I'll get feedback as I move forward in this journey but yours will always be the most meaningful because it was not biased, or untruthful, you simply told me how you liked or didn't like something, how it felt while wearing it and how it lasted or didn't last. To everyone that has helped in other ways such as giving me advice about vendors, the way to run a business that they learned through trial and error, and giving suggestions on how to get packaging or labels, etc, THANK YOU! You gave me a lot of information and allowed me to make my own mistakes and my own decisions. I've also gained a lot of support from friends and people on social media who want to see me succeed and to see my brand be promoted and THANK YOU for that as well.